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Cambridge International A and AS Levels



A Levels


International GCE A Levels are provided by University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the world's largest provider of International qualifications for the age group 14–19 years old.

International A Level is a 'gold standard' qualification

  • For over 50 years A Levels have been accepted for entry to universities and institutes of higher education around the world.

  • A Levels are important to employers who often demand them as a condition of employment International A Levels incorporate the best of UK A Levels, but are designed to meet the needs of International students.

AS Levels


International GCE AS Level was first examined in 2001

It represents the first half of an International A Level course

International AS Levels bring flexibility to an International A Level programme by allowing students to:

  • Follow a staged assessment route to International A Level by taking the International AS Level in one examination session and completing the final International A Level assessments at a subsequent session.

  • Take the International AS Level as either a one or two year course instead of, or in addition to full International A Levels.

International AS Level has half the value of an International A Level and is accepted for entry to university courses across the world.


Eligibility for A & AS Level


International AS Level examinations are usually taken at age 17.

International A Level examinations are usually taken at age 18.

Students who are taking or have completed Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge O Levels will find International A and AS Levels a logical next step.

Benefits of A & AS Level


Good International A and AS Level grades are a key to admission to all the major English-speaking universities and many non-English speaking universities.

Good grades at International A Level can result in up to one full year of advanced standing or credit at universities in the USA and Canada.International AS Levels carry half the weightage of an International A Level and are typically awarded half the credit value.

International A and AS Levels offer students a flexible course of study that gives them the freedom to select the subjects that are appropriate for them.


A and AS Level courses.


International A and AS Levels require guided learning time in class, the library or a resource centre.

All syllabuses require students to develop analytical skills and the ability to apply knowledge.

Studying for International A and AS Levels is academically challenging but offers excellent preparation for the next stage of education – study at university or college

The course differs for each subject, but throughout there will be a mix of assessment methods, which may include coursework, practical exercises, oral and listening tests, projects and written examinations.

A & AS Level Pattern


International A Level courses usually take two years to complete and examinations are taken at the end of that period.

International AS Level examinations are usually taken after a year, either as part of the International A Level course, or as a qualification in their own right.

Examination sessions are held in June and November each year:

  • Results for June sessions are issued in August.

  • Results for November sessions are issued in January.

Subjects are graded from A  to E grade. A is awarded for the highest level of performanceand grade E for the lowest.


Available Resources


Each International A and AS Level syllabus is accompanied by a resource list with full details of books and other materials that may be useful in the classroom.

Teachers are also provided with a range of resources and support materials to equip them with the skills they need to teach International A and AS Level courses.

These include:

  • Online support and resources

  • Textbooks and other classroom materials

  • Teacher training

  • Professional development workshops.


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